Strategic Marketing and Content for the Digital Revolution

Ultimately, integrating and executing informed multi-disciplinary communications strategies provide the best opportunity for growing revenue.

Maritza Marie Dubec
The high impact of a multi-disciplinary approach

Marketing communications professionals have so many opportunities. True skill is measured by creating the most impactful campaigns using results-driven tools, on budget.

  • Outside in: Know the marketplace and your competitors thoroughly
  • Core strategic positioning of content – a rigorous peeling back of the onion
  • The mapping of the customer journey for the right content at the right time
  • The power of analytics for data-driven results

Maritza Marie Dubec Background

With 12 plus years of marketing, internal and executive communications, PR, and social media expertise, I strive to bring depth of experience. My focus is driving brand, product, services, executive, sales, operational, and employee success for increased revenue and long-term growth.

I’m a voracious reader and a big picture, marketplace thinker who has honed the importance of strategic roadmaps and tactical precision. Beginning with my UC Berkeley Computer Information Systems education, and business, training, writing, and creative background, I value applying a unique combination of skills. As a program leader and director, innovator, marketer, and communications professional with both in-depth technical and business understanding, I’m driven by a creative vision, uplifting management style, and hands-on skills to execute award-winning deliverables and campaigns designed to move the needle and generate revenue.

I’m committed and highly motivated by challenge, collaborative relationships, and out-of-the-box creativity with a clear, positive, people-focused, uplifting management style and I’m driven by integrity and vitally ensuring growth.

My current focus is on thought-leadership; infrastructure, platform, and SaaS; lead-gen; sales enablement; storytelling; visual brand; influential blogger relationships. My impacts include industry analysts and media, sales prospects, customers, sales field and internal stakeholders: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Gartner, Forrester, Cisco, HP, IBM, Walt Disney, DoD, Toyota, BP Paribas, Cisco Live, Microsoft.


“In a world of accelerated information, Maritza is remarkably capable of separating signal from noise.

As a strong corporate communicator, the basis of her skilled craftwork lay in her ability to identify key stakeholders and those of us in technology roles to create an ongoing dialogue of open communication.

From these relationships and conversations, Maritza is able to craft high impact key messaging from the sea of technical information and the strategic buzz she encounters. The sparse use of language, the strength of the words chosen, and the directness and clarity Maritza brings to her work sets the standard for effective communication.

When looking for a standard-setting professional who can effectively message complex strategic and highly technical details in concise, C-level terms, I’ve never worked with better.

Kevin Burton