Why content marketing is critical for revenue?

The impactful content marketer is a revolutionary, pivoting where it matters, using a host of tools and an ever-changing arsenal.

Now, your buyer has their own compass. They are not fed their information — they seek it on their own journey of search and discovery.

Leads are nurtured beginning with the power of attraction by delivering content that brings the customer to a new level of understanding and awareness. Purposeful content satisfies our curiosity, desire for excitement, and thirst for expertise, while moving the customer through the sales funnel.


Social media marketing - establish your brand and reach an interactive audience who can become your champions. Social channels are critical for developing awareness of your business, and moving customers through the funnel of consideration, decision, and loyalty.

Social Media Strategies

Social media marketing is top of funnel for awareness while allowing you to track customer sentiment and reach out personally, scale your promotions, and find your best champions.

The Critical Necessity of Search Innovations

How your company ranks can make or break your business. Get to the top of the pile, increase visibility, and surpass your competitors with proven strategies.

Have Expert Rankings and Always be Visible

For every audience you cannot deny the necessity of top search rankings and the power of targeted visibility. Now, 75% of your customers’ decisions are made before they even knock on your door.

The Power of Video

The power of video: No other media can communicate your objectives as impactfully and swiftly. A video portfolio is a must have.

Video grabs the attention of your audience at every point of the funnel.

No other media can communicate your communications objectives as impactfully and swiftly.


Blogging is about bringing your audience into your world--make it interesting, informative, and worth inhabiting while developing leads.

And bloggers, the new PR and entry point to the sales funnel.

Bloggers are the voice of their industry reaching everyone at previously unimaginable scale and influence. They’re a force to reckon with. Include them in your PR campaigns.

How do you move the needle?

Integrating and executing purposeful marketing communications strategies provide powerful opportunities for growing revenue.

Established Track Record

This recommendation is based on knowing and working with Maritza Marie Dubec for four years. I hired her as the team IT lead to create a strategic communications plan for an exploration project called WebFountain which became a key building block for IBM’s text analytic efforts. I am a Distinguished Engineer at IBM and Chief Innovation and Operations Officer of IBM’s Almaden Services Research. Maritza created white papers and technical documentation that were the foundation for marketing exposure in publications like the New York Times and Computer World. After Web Fountain she went on to lead development IBM Redbooks that provide technical and marketing support for IBM Global Business Services. Net of the above, Maritza is a creative difference maker who delivers.

-Norm Pass, Distinguished Engineer Emeritus at IBM / Research


“As an advisor consulting on Maritza’s Cisco video work, I was most impressed by her creative vision, positive attitude, hard work, mastery of the details, and clear business objectives. As a skilled producer, she was very adept at guiding her camera and editing team for an impressive yet low cost final product. Maritza strategically understands the power of video and how to integrate it with her social media campaigns.”
Bryan Matheson, Skyline Studios
Maritza is a creative thinker, with the ability to provide her team with multiple options and recommendations. She can work effectively online and in print, all while juggling input from multiple teams in engineering/product development. Maritza has a unique ability to use tools personally which makes it easier for partners to develop projects more cost effectively and timely.
Jeff Holmes, CEO/Creative Director 3marketeers Advertising, Inc.
Maritza demonstrated real leadership skills, ingenuity, technical understanding, team work, and communications expertise in her critical work launching IBM’s WebFountain Project. She continued her dedication to communications excellence in her work as Team Lead for IBM Redbooks. She is a hard worker with excellent marketing strategies and creative flair.
Patrick Vabre, IBM