Public Relations

Editorial decision makers and public relations professionals share the same mandate—producing information that has impact. Today, public perception is shaped by so many uncontrolled variables. PR expertise comes from the instincts and the knowledge to measure public opinion even before developing a PR strategy. Equally important, PR professionals must take an integrated approach that is shaped by their client’s marketing goals and objectives. And of course, good writing and delivery, and solid media relationships are what actualize a marketing and PR vision.
Stretching beyond the typical PR approach is also essential. Traditional PR will always move mountains. but the power of the blogger has emerged and a comprehensive PR strategy must influence the blogger press.

Reach decision makers with WOW innovative specials events, video, dynamic multimedia websites, brainstorming sessions, and high-impact thought leadership, industry, media, and analyst events. Instead of generating just another boring press release, my mission is to find an angle that will bring value to both the publication and my client. With a continuously evolving media landscape, editors seek quality newsworthy information from respected sources. In addition, while it is not the job of editors to talk marketing, all publications have their marketing angle. So before developing a PR pitch for any type of publication, I want to know their demographics, editorial goals, and marketing strategy, so that I can create a match made in PR heaven.

Ultimately, creatively executing a well-integrated PR and marketing strategy is what builds synergistic media and customer relationships, producing lasting public relations return on investment.